iSite Contract Management Portal (iCMP) suite of tools are secure, integrated, cloud-based applications that provide easy-to-use functionality for your technical, business, and administration staff supporting contracts.

iCMP permits unlimited users, allowing programs, project teams, and individuals to access, collaborate, and manage these systems and your contract simultaneously. All information and files are centrally located to improve version control and management of sensitive materials. iCMP is able to be tailored to fit contract-specific needs.

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Effective contract performance requires repeatable processes. iPMO provides tailored automated workflow and approval processes to effectively plan, estimate, track, report, and manage contracts and task orders effectively. Our portal offers an intuitive user interface and provides numerous automated features, including a customer feedback mechanism to gauge performance of services delivered.

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REALTIME Timekeeping

REALTIME Timekeeping provides an integrated time collection tool to track contract, work order, task order, or indirect labor. With REALTIME Timekeeping, you receive a fully integrated experience for users of your Contract Management and accounting software with reports that are tailored to your needs.

If your timekeeping system requirements entail meeting current DCAA auditing standards and the highest standards of business ethics, then REALTIME Timekeeping is the perfect solution for you.

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