Effective contract management and total transparency

Centralize Contract Information with iPMO

With iSite Project Management Office (iPMO), all contract and task data, reports, documents, and information are at your fingertips through one centralized program. iPMO provides a wide range of tools that greatly increases organizational efficiency of your program office. Each module provides individual applications that replace
more traditional time-consuming methods. With an integrated system and an unlimited number of users, you do not need separate licensing fees for anyone that needs access to contract information, reducing the cost over traditional SharePoint or most other Commercial-off-the-self solutions. iPMO allows teams and individuals to access, collaborate, and manage these systems and your contract simultaneously. All information and files are centrally located to improve version control
and management of sensitive materials. iPMO also improves your client relationships. our portal access allows you to share data in real time with customers so you can talk effectively communicate. Your customer can have this information “pushed” to them on a subscription basis that they control! Our Financial Reporting module is optimized using advanced aggregation algorithms to provide snappy reports in a flash, with no impact to your accounting system. iPMO truly simplifies business and contract operations, a cost savings you can pass directly to your customers.

Agency Specific Reporting

Reduce Labor Costs with Automated Reporting



iPMO utilizes data from your data warehouse (Actuals, Plans, Estimate-To-Complete, Invoicing, Payments and Funding data) to automatically create an official NASA Form 533M or 533Q in Microsoft Excel format for you to deliver to your customer. This Excel workbook will contain a separate tab for every Task that you select to be processed, with an additional “Summary” tab that provides data at the Contract level. You are also presented with additional options for Task selection, drilldowns, Financial Month to be processed, and much more. The NASA Form 533M/Q allows you to create multiple “views” of the data so that you can address the needs of different target audiences. For instance, you may assign one 533 view that has burden details
displayed to one set of users, and then assign a  different 533 view with those burden details hidden to a different set of users.

We have developed agency specific reports for the Department of Defense and are adding new reports every day. With iPMO, you

  • Provide timely agency-specific reports
  • Eliminate the possibility of human error
  • Provide clients direct access to agency specific reports that can drill down to specific costs

Automate Consistent Processes with iPMO

iPMO provides a powerful, configurable Workflow Engine to manage requests for work on your Contracts. This Workflow engine, built on the principles and concepts of Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation, is essentially a collection of building blocks, known as “Activities” which you assemble to create system or human workflows in order to accomplish a task or series of tasks. With iPMO Workflows, you can:

  • Centralize important information and data
  • Simplify the approval process
  • Create repeatable processes
  • Remain on track with automated reminders
  • Capture metrics and identify areas to improve
  • Control access and permissions at each step

As part of the Workflows process, Estimates that are created are controlled by activities within the Workflow itself. The integrated Funding Management tools allow you to manage Funding from one or more Fund Sources and you have the ability to enhance the information gathering by attaching Custom Attributes to Funding Actions, which will allow you to report on Funding information across various data points. Task and Contract Risk Management in iPMO takes advantage of industry-recognized data points and practices and delivers a fully integrated solution for managing Risks.

Financial and Variance Tracking

Slice and Dice Your Financial Data with Ease

One of the most important aspects in administrating contracts is monitoring the financial health of each Task and, in summary, the financial health of the contract itself. Traditionally, contractor accounting departments would provide static reports to key personnel to help them manage their Tasks. Often, these solutions would be provided by an expensive, disconnected point solution with limited abilities for Government Task Monitors and Resource Analyst to “slice and dice” data and with no ability to co-mingle that data with other useful contract-related data. Essentially, traditional data mining of Financial data was non-existent.

With iPMO, we work with your accounting department to provide your financial data directly into iPMO Data Warehouse and approved Users can then visualize this data to help manage their contract Tasks. Data is sent to the iPMO Data Warehouse at whatever level of aggregation you want to expose to your user community. You are in control! With iPMO, you can then:

  • Perform Cost Analysis – Cost Analysis functions allow you to view contract actuals at various levels, including contract-level, task-level, and down to the elements-of-cost (all direct and indirect cost elements).
  • Plan Analysis – Plan Analysis functions allow you to view Time-Phased Baseline Plan information for your Contract at various levels such as at the Contract-level, the Task-level and even down to the element-of-cost.
  • Estimate Analysis – Estimate Analysis functions are very similar to Plan Analysis, however, Estimate information is stored, tracked and versioned with effective dates. Essentially, Estimate information stores the forecasts for each of your Tasks.
  • Labor Analysis – Labor Analysis is a sub-component data structure of Actuals, Plans and Estimates, which deals only with Labor-related data. With Labor Analysis, you can report off of multiple levels of Labor from the Labor Class, Labor Subclass and Employee levels to the Vendor level of Labor effort.