The iCMP Estimating Module allows your Team and/or Contractor to create Estimates for different scenarios on your Contracts. Based on the type of Estimate that you choose to create, Estimate data will be saved in a different manner and ultimately published to different locations within the data warehouse. The following Estimate types are supported by our Task Estimating Module:

  • Time-Phased Baseline Plans
  • Estimates-to-Complete
  • Estimate Mockups (what-if scenarios)
  • Independent Government Cost Estimates (separate from the Contractors estimates)

Discussions / Communities of Practice

iCMP Discussion Forums allow your Government and Contractor Teams and other Stakeholders to discuss important and useful topics with each other. By default, a Discussion Forum shows the most recent discussion first, as well as the number of replies for each discussion. That way, you can quickly see which discussions have the most recent activity and which ones are the most popular. this is an effective means to implement communities of practice across your organization.

Agency Specific Reporting

The Agency Reporting Module provides an advantage to Contractor Management team in that standard Agency-specific reports are automated and eliminates the manual processes that usually stymie the creation of these contract deliverables. Our team works with published Agency standards to craft reports and tools that strictly adhere to these standards, reducing Resource Analyst costs or burdens.

Variance Analysis

The iCMP Variance Analysis Module allows your Contractor to identify and explain Task variances between planned values and actual costs. Most contracts stipulate that Contractors must provide explanations to variances that exceed a specified threshold. This module automates that process and simplifies reporting!